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New Covenant Freedom Bible Study Course.

This course is 45 lessons on the New Covenant: what God did for us, why he did it, how he did it and what we now have as our inheritance, because of the New Covenant.

This course is designed to give you revelations of how much God loves you and what He has already given to you through what Jesus did for you. It will open to you the truths of the New Covenant in Jesus body & blood and show you how to receive the blessings that Jesus died to give you. This teaching will transform your mind (Rom 12:2) and enable you to live in the freedom and rest that God designed you to enjoy.

  • The course material is divided into four sections:
    1. New Covenant Principles (7 lessons),
    2. Blood Covenant Truths (16 lessons),
    3. New Covenant Lifestyle (10 lessons), and
    4. New Covenant Inheritance (12 lessons).

Each lesson has an audio track of teaching (usually about 1 hour) and a .pdf file of lesson material (4 to 6 pages). You are encouraged to print out the lesson material and work through it as “homework”. Each lesson also has an audio track (about 30 minutes) that goes through the model answers. At the end of each section of the course there is a .pdf file of the model answers for that section. Your integrity will enable you to do the homework before going through the answers.

This is a life changing study course, so make completing it a priority for your time.

God’s will is to bless you abundantly as you live free from the curse that’s in this world (Galatians 1:4). Welcome to the best years of your life – from now through eternity.

Grace and Peace to you, Pastor Peter Kirby

Introduction – New Covenant Freedom Bible Study Course
Lesson 1 – Forgiveness
Lesson 1 – Answers – Forgiveness
Lesson 2 – Made Righteous
Lesson 2 – Answers – Made Righteous
Lesson 3 – Salvation
Lesson 3 – Answers – Salvation
Lesson 4 – God is Good
Lesson 4 – Answers – God is Good
Lesson 5 – Dominion
Lesson 5 – Answers – Dominion
Lesson 6 – You Are Loved
Lesson 6 – Answers – You Are Loved
Lesson 7 – Rest
Lesson 7 – Answers – Rest
Lesson 8 – The Need for Covenant
Lesson 8 – Answers – The Need For Covenant
Lesson 9 – Preparation of Covenant
Lesson 9 – Answers – Preparation of Covenant
Lesson 10 – Blood Covenant Ceremony
Lesson 10 – Answers – Blood Covenant Ceremony
Lesson 11 – Abrahamic Covenant
Lesson 11 – Answers – Abrahamic Covenant
Lesson 12 – New Covenant Preparation
Lesson 12 – Answers – New Covenant Preparation
Lesson 13 – Old Covenant of Law
Lesson 13 – Answers – Old Covenant of Law
Lesson 14 – New Covenant Completion Part 1
Lesson 14 – Answers – New Covenant Completion Part 1
Lesson 15 – New Covenant Completion Part 2
Lesson 15 – Answers – New Covenant Completion Part 2

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