Welcome to the NCC Waco site where we provide information about our Church and encouragement to you in posted messages and sermons. Please enjoy. Grace and peace to you, Pastor Peter Kirby.

NCC is part of the move of God to bring the Gospel of Grace (the True Gospel as taught by Paul) back to the body of Christ. The New Covenant is about God doing all the work and us resting in that work. Our self effort in trying to be a good Christian (going to church, praying, giving, fasting, reading our Bibles) actually prevents us receiving the Gospel’s blessing. That’s why many Christians are sick, broke, disillusioned and dying (1 Cor 11:30). God is changing that.

Jesus purchased abundant life, provision, protection and wholeness at the cross and Grace has made it available to everyone. We need to just give up our own effort and simply rest in Him. God wants miracles, signs and wonders to be our normal experience. We are appointed to bring heaven into this world by enforcing the victory that Jesus won at the cross.

NCC is a place where you will be encouraged and edified, not made to feel guilty or condemned. Come experience the liberty of the New Covenant Jesus made for us.